What can we do to help you....

Systems Engineering


A well thought out systems design can save you money and shorten the time to a happy customer. 

We can work to define and scope your customer needs, then design a system of connected devices that can work together to accomplish the mission.

  • Requirements specifications
  • Communications protocols
  • Software architecture
  • Risk analysis

FDA Process Development


Most development processes were imported from another company and  are cumbersome and difficult to follow. 

We can help you to right-size your  product development process so that  it is streamlined and easy to comply with.

  • Review of existing SOPs
  • Software process (ISO 62304)
  • Customized by project

Project and Program Management


Most complex projects fail to meet their goals, because companies lack the structure and systems to keep them on track. 

We can provide tools and techniques for effective management of multi-disciplinary programs.

  • Schedule forecasting & achievement
  • Issue resolution
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Communication 
  • Training of project management staff

Outsourcing Project Management


Outsourcing of software or a full product  sounds easy, but can consume vast quantities of YOUR time. 

We can lift this burden and completely manage your suppliers.

  • Vendor selection
  • Statements of work & contracts
  • Specifications !!!
  • Status and issue resolution
  • Acceptance testing

Executive Support


Do you need an expert in Medical Device engineering to support you ? 

Have you recently lost a key VP or Director & need stability while you find an ideal replacement? 

We can provide consulting support for your investor and board meetings.

  • Investor presentations and Q&A
  • Strategic planning and product roadmaps
  • Technical design reviews and troubleshooting
  • Independent reviewer, for formal design reviews

If you have recently lost a critical member of your management team, we can help. We will quickly provide stability to the group and keep making progress towards milestones. We can then help you to recruit an ideal replacement leader. 

Investor Support & Due Diligence


Are you considering investing in a company but are not sure if the technology is real ? 

We can provide expert analysis of a target company.

  • Due diligence
  • Competitive analysis
  • Organizational strength